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So it begins.

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Today was the day. The big day. The one day. The day the registration office of UT Vienna would open their doors and let in all the young people who want to study technical stuff as of this year. And I was there, too.

I did register for the study of Medizinische Informatik, which more or less is biotechnical engineering. We will see how it works.

May 9, 2011

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I really like my flat. I just moved in by the end of December/beginning of January. It’s shared flat in the 7th district of Vienna, with good bus and tram, and therefore subway connections. There’s some shops, bars and restaurants within walking distance and the architecture of the district is very nice. There’s not even traffic on my street, as this part of it is a pedestrian area. I really like it.

There’s only one problem: my room is facing the entrance and the facade of a youth hostel. In summer, this has one major disadvantage: lots of school excursion groups with lots of noisy young people with incredibly bad taste of music…

By the way …

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Ischgl Tourism Association and the ski resort produced their own smartphone app this winter season. It is available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry and has some nice features as a display of the current lift statuses, information on restaurants, events, videos and lots of pictures. AND: it has a feature that combines your GPS-signal with the skimap and shows your current position on the panorama map. Nice, huh?

iSki Ischgl on iTunes
iSki Ischgl for Android

If you were wondering why I am posting this … I’m working with the company that programmed this app and I’m looking forward to getting some feedback 😉

Skiing with “The Killers”

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So I used my connections a little to receive a reduction on the skiing tickets for me and my mum last Saturday. We went skiing in Ischgl, one of the most famous skiing resorts in Austria. Every year when opening, respectively closing the season, there’s a bunch of great concerts – in the middle of the skiing area.

This years’ last concert was by The Killers. The weather was o.k., and the slopes were still pretty good. I only took few pictures, as skiing was first priority that day 😉

IMG_0971 click to enlarge.

Sorry for the bad quality, but it’s only a 3G – and the light was too bad for it.


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Every year, one week before Easter, some hundred people related to the University of Technology of Vienna become a bit crazy for 3.14 days. It starts Saturday at 1.37 pm (13.37 o’clock): hunTU.

It’s a huge scavenger hunt where teams of up to 8 persons have to find or build special objects. The list is handed out Saturday and has to be completed by Tuesday afternoon. There are also some Action Tasks, like games or hunts in the hunt, that happen at certain times and places.

This year, I took part for the first time. It was huge fun, and there were some pretty crazy things to organise/build.

Detailed information and the lists of all hunTUs so far can be found on the website (German only).

Our team finished on the 12th place – not too bad, considering there were 28 teams and 202 items (2 of them not even listed!).