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Spring has arrived!

Temperatures are going up, the clocks have gone forward one hour, and it’s damn nice outside. Last weekend, I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon at Museumsquartier, reading and enjoying the sun.

Spring has arrived, finally!

The yellow thingy in the middle of the 2nd picture is an “Enzi”. It’s kind of a plastic couch, pretty comfy, and there are a couople dozens of those in the inner court of MQ in Summer. Awesome place to hang out, is MQ!

Wednesday Walk, all alone

During the last days I spent in Vienna, it’s been damn cold all over Europe. For Vienna, this means around -12° Celsius, loads of sunshine, and wind.

After all the exams and all the studying the weeks before, I finally took the time again to make one of my Wednesday Walks. This weeks’ targeted area was Türkenschanzpark, a rather big park in the 18th district, where most of the CS kickball games take place.

The meeting was set up for 11 am, and a small group of people had registered either through CS or via mail/text message. Still, at 11.09 am, after waiting for 15 minutes in the freezing cold, I decided to start my walk. Some minutes later, I got a text message from Albert, who often takes these walks with me, asking me not to wait for him as he had overslept 🙂

Here are some impressions of the walk. After 40 minutes, my legs were prickling, my nose was nearly falling off, and I was more than happy to see the next bus to take me homewards would arrive within 3 minutes 🙂

A walk in the park …

Georg and I did not really know what to do during the last days, so after finishing the LotR-Making of (again), we got a bit bored. And then it occured to us that we did not go to the Zoo in the last 3 months!

Well, our last visit was in the end of October, with Armi and Andre, and as we’re both proud holders of an annual ticket, we decided to go there today.

In comparison to the last week, we got up pretty early (shortly before 8) and arrived at the Zoo only some minutes past 9, so just after the gates opened. It was a bit spooky with nearly no one else there, but we did get to see some work of the caretakers we usually don’t see: cleaning-up at the Katta’s, breakfast for the Somalia Blackheaded Sheep, and so on.

Also, as always, we attended the commented feedings of the Orang Utan, the sea lions, and watched the big clean-up at the Humboldt penguins. Unfortunately, we missed the (pretty rare) commented feeding of the Arctic Wolves, though 🙁

Want some pictures? Go ahead. The quality won’t be stunning, as I took them with my phone, but should be okay 😉