Design Thinking Portfolio

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For the “Design Thinking: Ideation” course I am taking this winter term (October 2020 to January 2021), one of the assignments is to create a portfolio showcasing my personal highlights and achievements of the course.

It’s very bare-bones, which is absolutely in keeping with the rest of the website, and my usual appearance. I am not very skilled in designing, but still did try out a couple of different things. I did set up a webflow-account, and gave various wordpress plugins a try – however, webflow was definitely too much for what I wanted to do, and the wordpress plugins did not work the way I wanted (at least in the free versions). So I went back all the way to simply inserting images into the page, and linking from the images to their respective posts.

Long story short: It’s not fancy, but neither am I.

a screenshot of a narrative poster that uses the map of Seestadt as background and layout A screenshot of a cryptdrive, showing several folders for university lectures, and the files and subfolders located in the Design Thinking folder.